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Noani Fashion

Du bist auf der Suche nach veganen Accessoires ohne tierische Bestandteile? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Entdecke fashionable Gürtel und Taschen ohne Leder & Co. – fair und ökologisch hergestellt.

Vegane Accessoires ohne Leder

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  • Germany will fail to reach its key environmental benchmark for 2020, a reduction by 40% in overall carbon emissions in comparison to the levels of 1990. German CO2 emissions haven't decreased over the last decade, and transport emissions haven't substantially changed since the '90s. Are you taking action with your daily choices?
  • Also Baby Lia is available in different colors to match all your styles! Have you already checked out the new collection on noanifashion.de ?
  • Lia - available in brass gold, shiny gold and brass silver. What's your favorite?
  • Natural fibers are the core material used for our belts. It looks just like leather, but they are obtained from pineapples, apples and eucalyptus!
  • Matching all of your styles
  • Ara Spacegray in Blue