Social responsibility
Towards producers
& customers

Noani stands for “no animal”, and not without reason: fair fashion requires empathy and social responsibility! We make fashionable and timeless accessories like vegan belts and vegan sneakers from innovative and sustainable materials. For us it is quite natural that neither humans, nor animals or the environment should suffer for the production of our products! But we also want to show that responsibly made accessories can look absolutely modern – and with high quality and durability!


No human being should suffer and be exploited for the production of our products. We therefore prefer local producers and materials wherever possible. Our vegan sneakers and belts are made in a small manufactory in Italy and Spain, our vegan sneakers in Portugal, where more and more fair fashion is produced.

Transparency and social responsibility towards workers also play an important role in manufacturing, from fiber production to delivery to us. All steps in the manufacturing process meet minimum social criteria based on the core standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The standards include, for example, free choice of employment, prohibition of child labor and payment of minimum wages.

We find it alarming that people, animals and the environment have to suffer because new, cheap and irresponsibly produced clothing and accessories are continuously thrown onto the market. The customers should buy, buy, buy, and therefore applies from the production to the sale: The main thing is cheap! Cheap goods, however, unfortunately have a high price. However, it is not the buyers who have to pay for this, but the workers in the fields and in the factories, in the tanneries and dye works.

Made in Europe
fair working conditions
instead of exploitation!

Cheap goods are of course mainly produced where wages are lowest, in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam or India. There, people work under the worst conditions with low pay, and even child labor is not uncommon.

A mixture of greed, exploitation, corruption and negligence brings suffering and death to thousands of people every year, but the majority of consumers unfortunately overlook this – for them, the only decisive factor is the (low) purchase price.

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