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It’s time to take responsibility – time to understand that everything we do and what we buy can make a difference. All towels are made from 8 GRS certified recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. This plastic will not pollute the place we all call home – our earth and ocean. In creating the world’s best multipurpose towel for traveling, yoga, surfing and outdoors, we are investing our energy, honesty, and dedication like no one has ever done before.


The idea of creating state-of-the-art multifunctional towels, which stand out in quality, design and impact, inspired us deeply. We love the idea of providing minimalistic, eco-friendly towels which offer greatest freedom and flexibility for daily life, short weekend or long backpack trips. Why own a bunch of towels for different purposes, when you can have a towel for everything? Drying off at your favorite beach, having grip during your beloved yoga session or bringing a little piece of cozy luxury to your travel trips. We were unable to find a towel which could do all of above, while being beautiful, recycled and sustainable. We wanted more.


Searching for “more” is what led Simon to the foundation of ISLE OF MIND in 2018. With everything we do, we motivate for positive change and taking responsibility. With everything we do, we motivate for positive change and taking responsibility. We do that by creating a product which symbolizes a conscious way of life and empowers you to a life full of love, joy and freedom . On top of that we wanted to contribute against the devastating plastic pollution we are all facing. This is why we decided to pursue the vision to develop the world’s best multipurpose towel and to be never satisfied with the second best solution or status quo. Life is about constant change and movement. This is how we consider ISLE OF MIND.


We’re convinced that it’s about the small choices that we make in life – the ones like bringing our own bag to carry grocery, riding the bike instead of using the car or owning just one towel instead of five. It’s our individual responsibility to be mindful, caring and to keep our planet alive. bringing to life sounds strange. We will constantly strive for the most sustainable way to bring ISLE OF MIND towels to life while ensuring the highest quality possible at the same time. It’s self-explanatory to us to do all of that while keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible. While we were searching for manufacturers we had different offers. For example: Inexpensive raw fabrics, virgin (not recycled) material, easier production and cheaper packaging material. We decided against all of that and took the risk of investing in the highest standards we were able to find.


We believe that every human being has the power and potential to create a better tomorrow. We believe in the good in people. We believe that wide open hearts can change and make the world a better place. This is why we love to inspire and enable you to go for your dreams. Use your ISLE OF MIND as your personal island and place to make brave plans for your future. With everything we do, we want to show you, that you are able to create real and powerful impact. We believe in your endless value and greatness Dream. Create. Love. ISLE OF MIND.

Our promise

We’re convinced that the recycled multipurpose towel for YOGA | TRAVEL | BEACH will be the best one you have ever owned. It will be the only towel you’ll ever need again when you travel the world. We’ve chosen the highest quality to ensure the best balance between softness, pack size, weight, absorbability and grip since you deserve to have it all.